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AI refactored containers at lighting speed

Cloud native your Legacy and Mission Critical workloads from minutes


Modernize your Legacy or Mission Critical Workloads in minutes with our AI powered Containerize Cloud Engine and compare with conventional containerization processes

Lighting fast legacy application refactoring that saves more than 50% on conventional manual container development

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Cloud Native in Minutes

Containerize created containers are really fast. We can refactor your Legacy or Mission Critical Linux Workloads and modernize it in minutes

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Hyper Automation

The Containerization Cloud Engine (CCE) is our automated refactoring tool that is delivered as a Virtual Appliance. It can be deployed on- premises, or on your cloud of choice. 

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Cost Transparency

Our CCE’s simplicity and its consolidation of the many steps within the conventional containerization process, ensures a repeatable and predictable costing model for application modernization

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Cloud Agnostic

True cloud-native is to be truly cloud agnostic. Our cloud native Microservices containers are created open, agile and completely portable to any hybrid cloud and cloud native environments

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Cloud Native Microservices Containers

Our Containerize Cloud Engine (CCE), is an AI powered containerization Virtual Appliance that can be deployed On-Premises or on any Cloud. It allows businesses to begin their cloud transformation journey quickly by modernizing their Legacy and Mission critical VM Workloads and applications from minutes.

Our automated tool securely unlocks existing IT assets and delivers cloud-native applications with the advantages of the container architecture without the complexity of the conventional manual development process currently deployed for existing application modernization workloads, while providing unmatched Cyber Security against your container while being refactored.

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Modernize Apps at Lightning Speed

Containerize is 4300x – 13,000x Faster than Conventional Methods

Once the Linux VM has been uploaded to a secure location, the AI powered CCE will refactor and transform the workload into Microservices cloud-native containers ready for use within your existing CI/CD and ready for Day 2 ops and beyond.

Zero- Touch Container Security

MicroScan Container Security while you Containerize your Monolith

Using the CCE, MicroScan will automatically complete a deep vulnerability scan, malware scan and will conduct a Cyber Threat Hunting analysis of your VM and newly created cloud native container image. Providing a saving of 57% on the nearest competitor

Open Containers on any CI/CD Pipeline

IT staff retention and augmentation

Our CCE refactoring process is lighting fast and the completed cloud-native containers are easily integrated into your existing CI/CD pipelines. Once transformed, the Microservices Containers are retained within the Carbonize Hub ready for pulling down to your chosen container repository, where you are free to make Day 2 (and beyond) changes to your workload and final commit and deployment on your container platform of your choice.

“Digital transformation initiatives will take large traditional enterprises on average twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated.”

- Gartner 2019

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Retain Your Monolithic Application as a Cloud Native Container

As we embark on our digital transformation, we look at our Legacy and Mission Critical applications with perplexity. One of the many questions we ask - is there a secure, reliable and faster application modernize process that is repeatable and cost predicable?


Keep your Legacy VMs as Containers

If the business and application logic of your application is not broken, there is no need to rebuild it from scratch


No Code, Lost Code, Old Code - No worries

Refactor with confidence knowing that age nor complexity will burden the transformation of your Workload


Keep your IT staff

Containerize created containers are 85% simpler to manage than DevOps created containers


Containerization for the Masses

Application modernization need not be a cumbersome nor a costly exercise.

Containerize empowers businesses to move their applications or workloads seamlessly to any Hybrid or cloud-native environment quickly.

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Hybrid Cloud and Cloud Native Agility

Our AI augmented containerization technology is astonishingly fast. Once you have converted your legacy Monolithic application to a Microservices Containers, you as the customer now have the power to decide where to migrate your container to.

You can design the container architecture based on how many you wish to deploy and in what type of environment you wish to deploy them in, such as Production, HA, Dev, Test, DR or all of the above, in a variation of hybrid cloud or native cloud, that suits your business needs.

Carbonize’s Containerize and MicroScan deconstructs complex processes and fuses them into a seamless a Software as a Service. The CCE is unparalleled in its refactoring speed, articulate efficiency and deep Cyber Security assurances.

AI Augmented CCE

Containerize Home Page

The Home Page provides quick access to all windows tabs within the CCE from this location.

Refactor Linux OVA to Container

Once the Linux OVA file has been uploaded securely using the FTP, it is as simple as clicking Convert Linux to Container.

Containerize Log Viewer

Once the Convert Linux to Container button has been clicked, now we watch the AI do the Containerization conversion of the Linux VM in real-time.

“Starting Process now and Ensuring Binary Compatibility between the Virtual Machine and soon to be created Container”

Watching Carbonize AI Containerize in Minutes

Real Time Streaming

In the Process Viewer, the user of the CCE can watch the AI make short work of the containerization process live. You will witness in real-time how the AI will automatically refactor the business and application logic of the OVA.

Lack of staff expertise?

There are no skills required to function the CCE. Within Minutes the Carbonize AI will begin to finalize the containerization process and present this back you in downloadable container

Containerization Completed!

Finalising the Containerization Process

As the Containerization process nears its completion, the AI will ensure the “ID” of the Linux VM OVA is identical to the newly created Microservices Container Image

AI Malware Scanning

Once the Containerization process has been Finalised, the CCE will begin to its Malware Scan of the Linux VM OVA Docker and the container

MicroScan Container Cyber Security

AI Vulnerability Scanning

Once the Containerization process nears completion, the AI, via, MicroScan will conduct a full Vulnerability scan of the VM and the newly created cloud native containers and present this back to you for immediate remediation.

AI Malware Scanning

Once the Vulnerability scan is completed a detailed Malware scan will be conducted by MicroScan on the both the VM and the Container to ensure there are no known Malware residing in your critical workloads.

Cyber Threat Hunting

To complete the full Cyber Security analysis of your VM and container workloads, MicroScan, will finalize the process by conducting a deep Cyber Threat Hunting analysis. It will search for threats or random anomalous behaviors and suspicious patterns that are acting abnormally and highlight them back to you for immediate remediation

You’ve Now Gone Native

Containerize Success!

Converted Containers with its associated Vulnerability, Malware  and Cyber Threat Hunting analysis will be found within the Containerize Converted section of the CCE

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Containerize Use Cases

Contact US to discover more regarding how we can help you address your use case challenges and business needs