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#1 for Automated Environmental Intelligence


Redefining Environmental Intelligence

Redefining Environmental Intelligence with Skyview

Empirically obtained Environmental Intelligence (EI) allows for an actionable and informed outcome created by the collection, compiling, exploiting and analysis of data to characterize the state of the IT environment.

Environmental Intelligence should be a core element of any business risk management for all organisations as having the right and most accurate data from within the IT segments or environment is crucial when informed decisions are to be made.

The traditional method of business and I.T environmental information collection has been to use a consulting led approach. The Business logic or final reported outcome is highly subjective, as the interviewing of people within a business’ departments forms the underlying premise of the final conclusion and “best practices” rather than following an accurate approach of an empirically led data collection technique such as using Skyview and its Automated Environment Intelligence engine.

This conventional process is slow, inefficient, not built on empirical data and is very expensive for the organisation who have no other option but to use these services.

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Skyview Use Cases

Untangling the I.T “Spaghetti”

As organisations start their Cloud Journeys and plan to embark on their Digital Transformation through various cloud Application Modernization architectures, it is more important than ever to have a complete view of every facet of your organization’s multiple I.T segments and environments.


The only way forward is knowing with 100% certainty that the information you have gathered is reliably accurate, ensuring you have Actionable Insight and information always available to your company’s key stakeholders.

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Skyview Use Cases

Skyview is an Automated Environmental Intelligence Engine

Skyview delivers Actionable Insight and information to IT decision makers via the ‘Zero-Touch’ Automated Environmental Intelligence Engine. Once the Skyview engine has been loaded within the desired IT segment or environment, the client will simply click the start button and within a few days Skyview will have an entire view of all facets of the segment based on empirical data. This data is then assembled in a precise and actionably informative view with several downloadable report options.
Where is Containerize in the Journey to Cloud process?

The steps to the Cloud Journey will differ from company to company, in fact there is not one single digital transformation that is the same as the other. One thing is certain across all modernization projects.

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Skyview Use Cases

Skyview Common Use Cases

Skyview provides an understanding and benchmarks an environment (or segment of an environment) with Empirical data for all the systems, services, network communication and interdependencies within the environment.

The Skyview engine will provide clear Empirical data about an environment (or segment of an environment), in order to move segments to Cloud or migrate them to other Datacenters in “move groups” with all application interdependencies mapped out to facilitate a successful transition.

Asset Discovery

Skyview examines the Environment where it is placed and creates an inventory of all devices within the Environment.

Since Skyview performs Asset Discovery it allows the organisations to have an inventory of all servers and services within the Enterprise, this is particularly useful in discovering “shadow IT” and server sprawl.

Patch Criticality and Threat Validity Assessment

Skyview provides the Actionable Insight to perform a successful move to the Cloud while understanding the interdependencies and Security Risks of the legacy environment that is going to the Cloud. These Risks (or CPE’s) are enumerated as are IP Addresses, Ports, Protocols, Services, Products, Product Versions and additional enumerated information.


This allows the organisation to determine if those IP Addresses, services, Product and Product Versions should even be operating within the organisation.

Understanding Application Relationships

As organisations grow, so do their applications and the interdependencies between applications. This makes any (public or private) cloud migration difficult due to built-in interdependencies between servers and applications as they are entangled with each other.

Moving to any type cloud requires an understanding of these interdependencies so that they can all be migrated to the cloud as part of a single “move group”. 

Identifying Server & Virtual Machine spraw including Shadow IT

Identifying Server / Virtual Machine sprawl
Shadow IT
Unauthorised devices within the environment.

When Skyview is connected to a Network Mirror, it can detect all of the above and additional details around how they are communicating and with whom.


Skyview provides a visual representation of the entire environment and all the systems and services within it, allowing organisations to determine if it is operating in alignment with the organisations security policies and internal guidelines.

Health and Performance of Host Servers and Latency

Some systems can be migrated “as is”, however if that system has underlying performance and latency issues, then those issues will be migrated to another location (such as Public Cloud) and not providing any benefit.


By understanding the performance of the hosts before migration, the organisation will be able to make an assessment whether that system should be moved “as is”, rebuilt, or assigned more compute resources in order to enhance its performance before or after any migration takes place.

CPE’s Vulnerability Scanning

Discover services and associated Common Platform Enumeration (CPE). CPE is considered to be an industry standard that is used to provide a uniform way to show information on Operating Systems, hardware, and software. Apart from identifying vulnerabilities, CPE’s provide detailed software and hardware inventory as they enumerate products and versions. The obvious benefit of Skyview is that CPE’s are clearly identified for each service thus providing better vulnerability management.


The end result is the consolidation of all the CPE’s for an environment and a hyperlink to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Vulnerability Database with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) details for the CPE.

Trusted Partners

If you have trusted partners that manage your IT environment, have them reach out to us in order for you to begin your Journey to the Cloud as soon as possible.


With the Automated Monolithic Microservice, we can quickly unravel the complexities of your cloud migration, so that you or your experienced IT partner will have the means, the capability and experience to help you optimize your assets once they’re launched.

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