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What Is Threat Intelligence ?

With digital technologies proliferating and the pace of cloud and global connectedness growing rapidly across all industries, so too has the creativity and methods of cyber attackers.

Clients face many cyber challenges from various angles. Knowing how best to address these challenging threats is dependent on the in-depth cyber knowledge you have on hand. To ensure the utmost level of protection, a real-time daily stream of reliable cyber threat intelligence data from a diverse set of global sources is often challenging to find and costly to obtain yet key in preventing, mitigating and reducing the severity cyber-attacks.

Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging menace or hazard to assets. This intelligence can be used to inform decisions regarding the subject’s response to that menace or hazard.

- Gartner

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Why Is Threat Intelligence Important?

Increasingly devious threat actors are persistent. The level of sophistication deployed by them has equally increased congruent with the increased sophistication of digital technologies that we are adopting and consuming at a rapid pace.

A daily flood of data full of extraneous information and false alarms across multiple, unconnected security systems, and a serious shortage of skilled professionals makes it ever more difficult to keep up with threat actors and their malicious intent to compromise already stretched security barriers.

A broad set of reliable and accurate cyber threat intelligence will uncover multiple threat vectors used by sophisticated threat actors before any other. By integrating the Carbonize CI threat data into your automated data collection points, processing them within you Security Operations Centers or utilizing them within your existing solutions, you will be able to contextualize at speeds that surpass the most sophisticated of Cyber Intelligence threat Data, determining indicators of compromise (IoCs) and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of various threat actors and the methods that they use.


Automated DevSecOps

Carbonize provides a unique set of technologies that hyper accelerates a company’s Digital Transformation and Journey to cloud-native.

Cyber security is one of the underlying tenets of our cloud transformation technologies. To ensure the cyber security assurance of our client’s applications being modernized via our automated refactoring tool, Carbonize will simultaneously conduct a vulnerability and deep malware scan while performing cyber threat hunting analysis upon every refactoring conducted.


In order to effectively achieve this, Carbonize constantly gathers cyber intelligence from hundreds of sources, across proprietary and non-proprietary sources of intelligence from all over the world for use within its technology stack.


Carbonize Cyber Intelligence (Carbonize CI)

Through the Carbonize CI engine, we have made this rich threat intelligence data and IOC's to our clients so they can consume this data on their endpoints, SIEM or SOC (Security Operations Centre).


This ensures that our clients always have the latest high levels of cyber security assurance to identify threat actors to be able to attribute them to human entities whilst maintaining confidence levels based on attribution persistence and the fast flux rate of change or the threat flash actor, the way Carbonize does across our cloud transformation technologies.


Automated Carbonize CI Updates

The Carbonize CI data is updated every minute and consolidated into a daily 24hr summary. This summary is provided in a client specific cloud native container package that automatically pulls down the CCI data as JOSN feeds into the desired location once integrated.


Each unique client container package is ready to be integrated into the clients’ choice of endpoints, SIEM or SOC.

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Trusted Partners

At Carbonize, we work closely with our partners. Our technologies enhance their businesses with increases in profitability from 89% on containerization engagements.

Containerize works in conjunction with the conventional CI/CD DevOps process. Our partners are increasing opportunity sizes as customers desire to retain legacy applications while benefiting from cloud-native containers.